Randall Goosby

The magnificent violinist Randall Goosby is the new proud owner of a gold mount Howard Green violin bow. More information on this remarkable violinist can be found here.

Excerpted from Erno Kallai biography website, October, 2011,Here is the link to the website of the wonderful Erno Kallai, who now plays on a Howard Green bow Erno Kallai

Erno Kallai Biography
Erno Kallai is playing a 1721 Petrus Guarnerius violin, a generous gift from the Juilliard Rare Instrument Collection, and using a bow by bowmaker Howard Green.

Excerpted from Strings magazine, November/December, 2003, No. 114.
What Gringolts PlaysWith support from the Chicago-based Stradivari Society, Ilya Gringolts plays the 1723 “Kiesewetter” Stradivari, on extended loan from Clement Arrison. The successful bow maker Howard Green, an English craftsman now residing in Scotland, made Gringolts’ primary concert bow.(Itzhak Perlman introduced Gingolts to Green.)

From the article in The Strad Magazine, “Spontaneous Combustion”June 2003 by Julian Haylock, about the great violinist Ilya Gringolts.

My usual bow is really nothing special, although it works for me, but the one I used in the concert was made by a great English maker who now lives in Scotland – Howard Green. He was recommended to me by Mr (Itzhak) Perlman who already has a couple of his bows. Howard made it for me last year and I didn’t really use it much until comparatively recently. I originally bought it as my spare, but I like it so much now that I’m finding it hard to decide which bow to use. The Green is quite heavy, but it can stand any amount of pressure which is invaluable in a percussive work like the Bartok.”

Friends International Violin Academy.

Cho Llang Lin and Rodney Friend showing Howard Green violin bows during my online school.